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» Antique Rug Cleaning Services in Henley-On-Thames & Marlow

“We Guarantee You The Safest, Most Thorough Antique Rug Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen…. Or It’s FREE!”

Why we are the only professional rug cleaning service in Henley-On-Thames that you should trust with your valuable Antique rugs:

Make Your Rugs Absolutely Fabulous Right Now!

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  • Our unique 10 step deep rug cleaning and drying process ensures the very best results every time you entrust your Antique rugs to us.
  • We are a Woolsafe certified company & an active member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association for your peace of mind.
  • We only use Woolsafe approved methods and treatments to ensure the safety of your Antique rugs.
  • We are one of the few rug cleaning companies in the UK using specialist dusting & drying methods to ensure your Antique rugs are cleaned in the safest and most effective way possible.
  • We have invested in a bespoke full immersion Antique rug wash. The safest and most thorough of rug cleaning methods.
  • We can supply testimonials from our delighted long term clients.
  • We pick up your Antique rug to clean at our secure, purpose built rug cleaning facility, deliver back to you, unpack your Antique rug and position it in a room of your choice FREE of charge.

The recommended method for cleaning natural fibre rugs is professional full immersion rug cleaning. And that’s what we’ve been doing here for many years.

We offer standard rug washing services, as well as restorative rug washing services (including specialist stain removal, odour removal, and decontamination for rugs affected by fire (smoke) and flood).

I’m Darren Curtis the owner of this professional Antique Rug Cleaning business, with our bespoke rug cleaning facility based in the heart of Oxfordshire, you can be sure you are dealing with a genuine local family run business which has been established since 1989. With the help of my son Bailey, we treat every precious hand knotted rug you entrust to us as if it were our own.

From the quotation, pre-clean survey and inspection, collection, colour fastness testing, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, specialist stain/odour removal, rinsing, conditioning, drying, pile grooming, hand finishing and packing, right the way through to returning your rug back to your home, unpacking and repositioning your rug in a room of your choice. (If you’d prefer to unpack it yourself at a later date or leave it packed for storage, that’s fine, we will do whatever is the most convenient for you). In fact we have cleaned over 2,000 hand knotted rugs in and around the area Great Missenden, Amersham and Chesham alone.

Call us old fashioned, but we believe that you should always meet the person who will be cleaning your Antique rug and receive a written quotation to ensure you know the exact price you are going to pay. Which is why we will always arrange a convenient time to visit and carry out a pre-clean survey and full inspection of your Antique rug, giving you the opportunity to meet us and discuss any marks/stains/odours which are of concern to you. If you’re happy with our quotation, we can leave you with a receipt and take your rug away to be cleaned at our purpose built rug cleaning facility – it’s like sending your favourite Antique rug off to a rug spa for some relaxation and rejuvenation (and we all know how good you look and feel when you return from a good quality spa – and if you don’t, we need to talk!).

We understand any number of disasters can occur no matter how careful you are with your Antique rugs.  From red wine spills to baby sick, takeaways and other food mishaps, coffee, tea, tar, nail varnish, chewing gum, smoke, flooded rugs and pet urine discolouration, moth infestation, etc. We’ve seen them all, so please don’t be worried about calling us to help you. Many of these stains can be complex to remove due to the nature of the variety of substances engrained in the rug fibres. Their removal takes patience and knowledge to determine the fibre type, dye stability and finishing agents and which treatments are best suited to gain the optimum results for your cherished Antique rug.

We can say with absolute conviction “If we can’t remove a stain or odour from your rug, then no-one can!”

Our aim is to ensure our safe, thorough cleaning methods will restore the look, feel and smell of your Antique rug to the point where the need for replacement is no longer required. A considerable amount of care, time and effort has gone into making your rug and with regular professional cleaning your favourite Antique rugs will last beyond our lifetime and can be proudly passed from generation to generation.

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