Cleaning a modern wool and viscose mix rug from Henley-On-Thames

April 17th, 2015

Thankfully our client in Henley-On-Thames took our advice and entrusted his wool/viscose mix rug to us for professional cleaning. Wool is a natural product and needs to be cleaned using Woolsafe products to ensure its integrity, but viscose is being used more and more in modern rugs and is commonly referred to as “Art Silk” because of its similar look and feel to silk.

However, viscose/art silk is made from wood pulp and gets very brittle when wet. In fact it loses 80% of its strength when wet, which is why it needs to be professionally cleaned by someone who has been specifically trained to clean viscose, otherwise that lovely soft feel can so easily be ruined and the very thing that attracted you to your beautiful wool/viscose rug in the first place, will be the reason you end up getting rid of it.

To enjoy your wool/viscose rug for many years to come, just follow these three simple rules when employing a professional rug cleaner to clean it.

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  1. Is the company a woolsafe certified operator?
  2. Ask them if they’ve been trained in the specifics of cleaning viscose and wool.
  3. Ask them if you can see their “all treatments risk” insurance and ask if you can take a copy of it. Most companies who say they are fully insured only have “public liability” insurance. Professional specialised rug cleaning companies must have “all treatments risks” to be insured for cleaning your precious wool rugs. And a ny reputable company will be only to happy to send you a copy.


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