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February 21st, 2015
silk rug cleaning

Pet stain removal from silk rugs

We often get asked about dry cleaning rugs, to which we reply; “what type of rug is it?” and more often than not, the reply is “Silk”.

You may have been led to believe that the only way to clean silk rugs is by dry cleaning? But this is not the case. Obviously, we can dry clean silk rugs, however, it is also possible to wet clean silk rugs, it just has to be done with great care, using the correct equipment and the correct process.

In fact, I only know of six companies who offer rug cleaning services in the UK who I would trust with wet cleaning my silk rugs.
So whether it dry cleaning rugs or wet cleaning rugs which are required? Is not necessarily the correct question.

The best cleaning outcome for the rug is what matters most.

If a silk rug has a cat or dog urine stain which needs to be removed, no amount of dry cleaning will achieve this. So a full immersion rug wash is necessary to thoroughly neutralise, treat and flush out all the urine contamination, but it must be undertaken by someone who knows exactly what they are doing to ensure the integrity of the silk remains intact.

Also if colour migration or colour bleed has occurred (as in this picture), there are solutions available to professional rug cleaners which can lessen the appearance of the colour bleed and in some instances restore the colours altogether, but once again this is more than dry cleaning can achieve.

So please don’t presume that the only way to clean silk rugs is to dry clean them, full submersion rug washing by fully trained and experienced silk rug cleaners is a more effective option in many cases.

If you have any questions about your silk rug cleaning, please feel free to call us on 0330 111 4912.

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