Kazak & Ziegler Rug Cleaning

June 4th, 2015

Kazak & Ziegler Rugs have a distinctive, softer colour palette, that works well with both traditional and contemporary rooms and decoration.
Vegetable-dye, hand-spun, wool, hand-knotted on a cotton foundation, Kazak & Ziegler rugs are environmentally friendly and have an extremely high level of quality and craftsmanship and will last for many generations if a periodic cleaning schedule is maintained.

Why should I regularly have my Kazak and Ziegler Rug Cleaned? The reason being is, the small gritty type dry particles which get lodged between the fibres over time, cut the fibres like a sharp knife causing premature wear. Some of this dry soiling can be removed with regular vacuuming with an appropriate vacuum cleaner (the models with a beater bar or hard bristles are best, we find a Sebo is the most efficient and reliable). The remaining dry soils must be removed periodically using professional dusting equipment which basically beats and harmonically vibrates the dry soils from the very core of your Ziegler & Kazak rug, prior to professional rug cleaning.

Here are three examples of a traditional Ariana Ziegler Rug, a Peshawar Ziegler Rug, a Geometric Kazak Rug and an example of a Modern Ziegler Rug.


To find out more information about our professional Kazak and Ziegler Rug Cleaning Service in London, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire or to book your free rug survey and written quotation please call 0330 111 4912


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