Oriental Rug Cleaning in Maidenhead

April 11th, 2015

After a quick stop at Costa for a Chai Latte it was off to Rushington Ave in Maidenhead to collect three Oriental rugs to be taken to our purpose built rug facility for cleaning. The other two companies who had quoted had offered to clean them in situ, but luckily our client had done her homework and discovered that the only way to thoroughly clean her beautiful oriental rugs is for them to be cleaned at a proper rug cleaning facility. “Why?” I hear you ask.

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Well, the simple answer is, you do not clean an Oriental rug in the same way as you clean a carpet.

The longer answer is: Bespoke rug dusting machines are very heavy and therefore not easy to transport and no matter how many times you have vacuumed your Oriental rug, due to the density of the pile, the only way to ensure the rug is cleaned properly is to turn it over and use a rug dusting machine (ours uses 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute) to thoroughly beat all of the dry soils out of the thick pile prior to going into a shallow rug cleaning bath. We will usually extract 1 to 2kg’s of dust and other dry soils from a typical  8 x 10 Oriental rug prior to cleaning.

Only then can we start to actually clean the rug, front and back in our rug cleaning bath using natural rug cleaning shampoos. If specific stains are not removed during this process, we will be using specialist stain removal techniques to remove those marks and stains. These usually include red wine, tea, coffee, oil-based stains, blood and food-based stains. Thankfully not all on the same rug!!

Once the rug has been thoroughly cleaned and all stains removed the shampoos are rinsed out using clean water. The rug is then rolled up and placed in our rug drying centrifuge (similar to a long thin washing machine) and set on a short spin to expel any excess moisture and speed up the drying time. Once spun dry, the Oriental rug can be hung on our rug drying racks, with air movers and dehumidifiers to help ensure that it is dried as quickly and as thoroughly as possible before being packaged, ready for return or storage.

And that, in a nutshell, is how you get the best Oriental Rug Cleaning in Maidenhead. Time for another Chai Latte me thinks 🙂

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