Hand Knotted Rug Cleaning Services

May 31st, 2015

A fine hand-knotted or hand-woven rug will have hundreds of artisan hours, not to mention thousands of your Pounds, Dollars or Euros invested in it. But over time, sand, dust and dirt collect deep in the pile, grinding away the fibres and wearing them out prematurely. And cleaners who attempt to improperly “surface clean” your rug in your home may cause fibre damage or dye bleed and without a doubt leave the majority of the aforementioned sand, dust and dirt deep down in the fibres.

At Ab Fab Rug Cleaning we use specialised rug dusting to remove the majority of the dry soils before we wash your hand-knotted/hand-woven rug. Then we hand-shampoo and cold rinse the rug to protect the dyes and fibres. We treat any stains or odours and detail the fringes prior to speed drying and returning it to you soft and fresh.

To get your free, no-obligation rug survey and quotation call 0330 111 4912 – we look forward to being of service to you ?

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